The Adventures of Timmy Tac

The Deformed Tic Tac

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Welcome to The Adventures of Timmy Tac: The Deformed Tic Tac.
This little 30 Seconds To Mars based comic is a small piece of insanity created by niniel_amaya, i_say_jeeves and missy_minx.
Be warned, this comic is rather silly and contains a teensy amount of slash, so if you have a massive problem with that, then don't bother reading, but if you don't then you're most welcome.
So come on in and join our tic tac box of love ^__^

Disclaimer: (unfortunately) we do not own the *real* 30 Seconds To Mars or 'tic tacs' or any of the other random characters we may happen to make into tic tacs during the course of this comic.

'The Adventures of Timmy Tac: The Deformed Tic Tac' is Copyrighted material. Please don't re-create or re-distribute the work without permission (we'd love as many people to see our comic as possible so just ask! we don't bite ^__^).